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About Paul Williams Photography

Mission Statement

Paul Williams Photography exists to facilitate class-leading workshops which capture moments of time in unique and innovative ways that honour the craft and artistry of photography, and which meet or exceeds the rightly exacting expectations of you the client. 

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Why choose Paul Williams Photography?

I've been taking images on and off for nearly 30 years and have a wealth of experience in most genres of photography but particularly landscapes and wildlife. I've appeared on Countryfile, Radio 4 and 4, BBC News, The Great British Photography Competition on BBC2, and been featured in numerous magazines, blogs and social media articles along with writing the first photography book to combine self-help for mental illness using photography to improve wellbeing. I've run photography workshops around the UK for the last 8 years and in 2022 hope once again to be facilitating small group workshops and 1:1 in a number of stunning locations. I pride myself on both the quality of the tuition I offer and the cost of my workshops which have remained the same price for the last two years. Groups are never more than 8 strong and I often reduce this to 6 depending on the skillsets of the participants coming to the workshop. Many of the people who attend my workshops are returning participants often bringing friends or family along. I particularly welcome people at the early stages of their photographic journey as I guarantee time spent with me will give you greater insight into how your camera works. It will also improve your self-confidence around the exposure triangle and composition whilst helping you explore the direction you might want to take as a photographer. Those of you with more advanced skills have the opportunity to explore some of the leading concepts in photography today and spend time looking at workflow, post production and how to successfully break into the professional market. 1:1 is a full five hours working exclusively with me as we look at your goals and aspirations in a way that is both supportive and challenging. My promise to anyone coming on one of my workshops is a simple one:

You will finish your day with me knowing more about your camera and your abilities as a photographer, and be confident in the fact you have improved and consolidated your skills to enable you to consistently capture images you will be proud of.

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