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Wildlife II

More of my wildlife images from around the UK. This is a portfolio in progress and often my Facebook page is slightly ahead of the curve so feel free to visit me and join close to 100,00 other people interested in our natural world:


Short-eared Owl
Otter Kit
Sparrowhawk II
Little Egret

So. What makes for a good wildlife photographer and, more importantly, a good wildlife shot? For me it's down to two things:

1. Patience. Most, if not all of my images, have been achieved through waiting. Often in fairly inhospitable conditions and usually accompanied by the sure and certain knowledge that if I left now I'd miss whatever it was I'd been waiting (insert hours) for, but you have to be prepared - physically, mentally and equipment-wise) to see things out.

2. Stealth. There's zero point in rocking on up at your chosen location wearing a pink spandex shell suit shouting to anyone in earshot that you're going around the reserve - don't expect to see much if that's your thing. Buying into the right clothing, reading about fieldcraft, concentrating on the job in hand and not the latest Tweet from whoever, are all things that will ramp up your chances of seeing/hearing/photographing the wildlife that's out there. 

Put those two pieces of the puzzle together and you have the answer to what's a good wildlife shot - one you've caught through your skill and tenacity. One you've spent hours getting, or worse, not getting for days, but you've gone back determined to get it.

Cumbrian Marsh Harrier
Male Sand Lizard
Great Crested Grebes
Short Eared Owl
Brown Hare
Golden Ringed Dragonfly
Fox Cubs
Female Bearded Reedling
Barn Owl

Love nature photography but find it hard capturing the flighty little beasties and birds? Do you want to take the next step towards becoming a full-time pro nature photographer and want to really hone those skills? It doesn't matter where you are on the photography continuum as a day with me will be completely tailored to your individual requirements and skill level. I also provide tuition via Skype and online too so you can learn more about this amazing field (excuse the pun) of photography that provides so many rewards and satisfaction from the comfort of your own home. Tuition and workshops are available on a group or individual basis so feel free to drop me a line via the button below. I'm proud of my skills as photographer and stand by the quality of those skills by offering a free 15 minute consultation for anyone who'd like to know more, or who just wants a quick chat to see how we can work together to take your imaging sky high...

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