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Cumbria and the Dales Workshop

I'm a Cumbrian - to be more accurate I'm a Scots/Welsh Cumbrian with 42% Scandinavian DNA which is a heady mix. My ancestors on my mothers side have lived in and around the borders of Westmorland for over 450 years so I have mountains, lakes and wilderness in my genes. I know my home county very well. I know her moods, the best places for photography and how to avoid the madding crowds so we can discover the true essence of what the lake district has to offer. My love affair with the east of the county into the Dales began nearly 15 years ago and much of my time when I am home is spent where Cumbria meets the Yorkshire Dales. From the secret valleys with their hidden waterfalls through to the bleak but beautiful moors there is a wealth of landscape and wildlife photo opportunities for every photographer irrespective of their skill level. My workshops back in the north of England concentrate on finding and capturing this raw, elemental beauty using the ever changing light and weather generations of poets, artists and photographers have waxed lyrical about. For those of you not familiar with the lakes and Dales I've added a few images from the locations we can visit on our full day of amazing photography.

When are the workshops?

I tend to run two or three one day workshops during the year, but because of my commitments elsewhere  I'll be facilitating just the one group workshop with dates to be announced in Spring 2020.

What equipment will I need?

Both the lakes and the Dales experience unpredictable and often unannounced weather conditions. Therein lies the beauty of photographing the place as no one day (sometimes hour) ever has the same light. You can be in bold sunshine one minute and surrounded by dark storm clouds the next. That's a bonus as a photographer but you need to be prepared for it. Waterproof clothing for you and a waterproof layer for your lens and camera are essential as we'll be shooting in whatever conditions we get. This is my favourite place for teaching low light and changeable weather techniques - some of the results may well surprise you. Hiking boots are best but at a push sturdy wellies would cut it if you have no option. I try to plan locations around local cafes and this workshop will be no exception but I'd still bring a flask and some snacks. If you have a tripod then pack it please. They are invaluable in most landscape photography situations as they steady your camera, allow you to shoot lower shutter speeds and let you compose your image prior to taking the shot when you are ready. This workshop is suitable for compact, bridge and DSLR cameras. If you own filters I'd bring them along especially a circular polariser, neutral density (ND) graduated or ND10's which reduce light to the sensor by a factor of 10. This gives you the chance to shoot with very long exposures - sometimes into minutes rather than seconds. Moving clouds and water take on different textures and the effects can make a relatively mundane, static image become a dynamic photograph with enhanced movement and a real sense of the ethereal. As always I advise any participant to pack as many batteries (and the charger please) and memory cards as they own. A cable release is handy as is a few camera cloths to keep any moisture off the lens. If you aren't fully au fait with your camera and shock horror it came with an actual manual I'd find a space for that too as it can help me help you get the settings right for your day without having to hunt for it on Google. 

How do I book?

Booking is via the button at the bottom of this page. It will take you to my contact page where you can choose how to get in touch with me. I will confirm your booking by email and send you more details on receipt of a deposit. Please take a look at my terms and conditions on this site as they form the basis of our contract together and contain invaluable information around refunds, cancellations and my liabilities. You can of course use the button if you'd like to know more about this or any other workshop including 1:1 and post production. I look forward to showing you around my home county where I guarantee you will leave with a greater understanding of landscape photography techniques and more confidence in your abilities as a photographer able to comprehensively capture the diverse and beautiful landscapes Britain has to offer.


The cost for this very full day in and around some of the most spectacular areas for Fall colours will be £160 per participant. Numbers are strictly limited to between six and eight people. This gives everyone as much time with me as they feel is necessary. The day will start early as we try to catch that elusive early golden hour light and mist over the lakes. It will finish once we're all happy we've maxed out the photo opportunities available to us. Travel and any other incidental costs such as accommodation, lunch etc are not included. If you'd like some personal recommendations for places to stay then I am that guy. Please contact me to discuss any aspect of your trip to the most beautiful county England has to offer (I'll own my bias by the way).

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