Expert wildlife guiding

I'm very excited to be able to add an extra photography service for 2020. 2019 saw me receiving a record number of requests to act as a guide for photographers keen to locate and photograph local wildlife species in and around Dorset. I've now made the decision to expand and offer a complete guiding service for photographers who don't require tuition, but who would benefit from my extensive local wildlife knowledge built up over the last 25 years here in Dorset.

Sessions can be booked on an hourly basis - a minimum of three hours applies with an hourly rate thereafter - or by the day. I offer highly competitive rates with discounts for longer sessions . Below are just a few examples of the species I'm able to locate in optimum conditions and in the right season:

Barn owl

Little owl

Short-eared owl

Bearded reedling

Marsh harrier

Hen harrier

Daylight otter


Dartford warbler

Red squirrel

Sand lizard

This is a far from definitive list so if you can't see what you want to photograph please contact me. It goes without saying I have no control over the wildlife - or the weather - and I make no guarantee you will get to see what we set out to photograph. I do however guarantee you will get 100% of my attention, and the full benefit of my considerable experience as both a guide and photographer who fully understands what other photographer's want to capture. In the event of a 'no show' there will be no refund, although in exceptional weather conditions I may consider a discretionary session at no extra cost.  


If you have any further questions, would like to check on the seasonal sightings of any particular species, or want to book a guiding session please contact me via my email or ring my mobile +447810862599.

If the thought of photographing some of the iconic species shown below appeals to you please get in touch, and let me make the time you have for wildlife photography work smarter not harder.

dartford top of gorse.jpg