Jurassic Coast Workshops

Some of the most spectacular seascapes in England can be found along the southernmost coastline of our island. Perhaps the most breathtaking is the Jurassic coastline that stretches 96 miles from Orcombe Point in Exmouth to Old Harry Rocks in Dorset. This World Heritage Site is peppered with dramatic cliffs, prehistoric clues to our ancient past and jaw-dropping natural wonders like Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. My Jurassic coast workshop is for beginners and advanced photographers alike. We will spend the day exploring and photographing well known and more isolated locations as we look at the key theories and concepts behind every good landscape photograph. Theory is useless without practice, and much of our time together will revolve around crafting carefully thought through images that reflect your vision as a photographer. I'll be full available to answer any questions as I guide and mentor you through how to get the best from your camera equipment - including optimising your camera for the best results. We'll look at the exposure triangle, composition, and the pros and cons of the many accessories out there for the landscape photographer. Our day might finish at dusk as we conclude our time together with the golden hour and a sunset. For those of you interested in long exposure photography, and who have the right filters, we'll spend time shooting extended exposure times and looking at the different results we can achieve with this fascinating technique.

When are the workshops?

Jurassic coast workshops will be held on average twice a year. Dates will be advertised live on here, and on my Facebook pages. Numbers, as ever, are limited to six to give every participant plenty of time to talk with me about their goals, skillset, and for me to take a look at their camera to see if it's optimally set up to capture great landscape images. This is usually a very popular workshop as it offers a wealth of photo opportunities irrespective of the type or level of camera you own. I've added a link to my live workshop page here so you can see the year ahead with dates and availability.

What equipment will I need?

This workshop is deigned for anyone with a compact, bridge or DSLR camera. I would suggest you are going to need a wide angle lens - say 20-24mm 35mm equivalent as a minimum. I also have a telephoto packed as you can often pick out a detail and isolate it better with a longer reach. A tripod is essential if you want to undertake long exposure photography - as is a cable release and intervalometer if you have one (this allows you to time your exposures without holding down the cable release and introducing camera shake). The coast can be a hostile environment for cameras (trust me - I fell off a cliff into the sea and fried my Canon MKIV, 16-35mm f2.8 and self-esteem) so some kind of plastic cover or camera coat would be handy. I'd also pack a soft cloth or three to wipe any spray off the lens. If you own, or can beg/borrow some Neutral Density (ND) filters then please bring them too. These limit the amount of light reaching the sensor with the denser filters (think 10 stop or stacking several lower value filters together) allowing you to expose for minutes rather than fractions of seconds.  Wearing the right clothing and footwear should be a given. The weather on the coast can change suddenly with very little warning, and there will be locations we won't be able to find shelter from rain immediately. The surface underfoot is oddly wet and can be slippy so I need to know if you have any restrictions with your movement or a disability that may affect the quality of your day due to the terrain. In every instance I take no responsibility for damage to you, or your equipment, as outlined in my terms and conditions found on this site. Pack as many batteries and battery packs as you own, along with as many memory cards you can find as once we're on location getting back to the car quickly might not be an option. 

What will the workshop entail?

We have two options; one is to go for an early start and capture the sunrise or meet later and stay on for the sunset. Both have their pros and cons so I always offer the group a deciding vote as some people have quite a distance to travel whilst other participants may want some tuition prior to taking images. Generally speaking the sunset can finish off an excellent day and tends to be the chosen format.

The first part of our day will look at your skillset and where you see yourself on your photographic journey. I'll take a look at your cameras to make sure you're on the best settings for the workshop. I encourage everyone to switch to manual if they aren't already on it - but don't worry I'll explain the exposure triangle and how to control your camera in a way that benefits you not the camera. We'll also explore a number of landscape techniques including HDR, use of filters and the benefits of shooting in .raw versus .jpg which we'll put into practice throughout the day. The workshop is your day. It's a time to forget about whatever else is going on in your life and embrace some of the best seascapes you can find in England. Ask questions, experiment, learn and grow as a photographer. I guarantee you will finish the day with great memories and increased confidence in your abilities as a photographer. 

How do I book?

You are welcome to register your interest in any of my workshops by pressing the button below. This will take you to the contact page where you'll find my details. If you'd like to pre-book prior to workshop dates being released please get in touch and I will provisionally book you - don't worry you aren't committed at this stage. If you have any further questions not covered by my FAQ or workshop pages on this site do not hesitate to get in touch with me. 


Most single day group workshops are very competitively priced at £160 per participant. Maximum numbers are strictly limited to six for most of my workshops with a few running at eight, but never any more than this. More specialist weekends away like Scottish Photography Hides and the Northumbria workshop cost more and details can be found by pressing either name. In all cases I strongly advise you to look at my terms and conditions before booking as they form the basis of our contract together. They can be found here