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We live on a planet that's an oasis of beauty teeming with diverse life even as we hurtle through the vastness and sterility of the desert that is space. I consider it my duty to celebrate all life through my images - well, maybe not grey squirrels...

Many of my nature images are achieved through patience and good fieldcraft rather than the complexity of my equipment. For sure there are a few shots that could only have been taken with high-end kit, but you need to know that's the exception, not the rule. Don't be put off taking up nature photography because you think you haven't got the 'right' camera gear. There's no such thing as you'll find out on one of my workshops, or during 1:1 tuition. For those of you who want to get better at nature photography, learn the arcane arts of creeping up on things without spooking them, and have an amazing day in the rain with me (I joke - ish) then hit the button below to contact me.

Love nature photography but find it hard capturing the flighty little beasties and birds? Are you considering taking the next step towards becoming a full-time pro nature photographer, and want to really hone those skills? It doesn't matter where you are on the photography continuum as a day with me will be completely tailored to your individual requirements and skill level. Tuition and workshops are available on a group or individual basis so feel free to drop me a line via the button below. I'm proud of my skills as photographer, and stand by the quality of those skills by offering a free 15 minute consultation session for anyone who'd like to know more, or just wants a quick chat to see how we can work together to take your imaging sky high...

Short eared owls, Dorset

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