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Wildlife Photography: Saving my life one frame at a time

My first book has now been launched and here are a few of the first reviews from the media. I'm pleased to say my message about improving physical and mental health by going outdoors (preferably with a camera) has been well received, along with my images which seem to have resonated with readers. 

Helen Stiles - Editor Dorset Magazine

2019-09-18 (4).jpg

Simone Brookes - Discover Animals

discover animals simone brookes.jpg

Jacki Gordon - Co-editor of the International Handbook of Suicide Prevention: Research, Policy and Practice

jacki review.jpg

Outdoor Photography Magazine

outdoor photography review.jpg

Laura Hanton - Bournemouth Echo

bournemouth echo full review.jpg

Sue Weekes - Dorset Life

Wildlife Review dorset life.jpg

psychreg. org review.jpg

Chris Caulfield - Metro Magazine

metro review 1st half.jpg
metro review 2nd half.jpg

Fiona Dart - Blackmore Vale magazine

blackmore vale review.jpg
fstoppers article 2.jpg

Robert K Baggs - Fstoppers magazine

Fergus Byrne - Marshwood Vale Magazine

marshwood vale review.jpg

The Dorset Magazine - Dorset Life in Poole

poole magazine review.jpg

Tracy Calder - Amateur Photographer Magazine

AP article complete.jpg

Eleanor Ovens - Northwestern Evening Mail

northwest evening mail.jpg
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