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I was born in Kendal, Westmorland. Proud Celt (and 42% Scandinavian) and father of five lovely human beings who constantly amaze me as they make their progress through life. After some fairly hardcore careers I'm lucky enough to be living and working as a wildlife photographer in Powys, Cymru and the Lake District - and all stops in between including Sweden, Norway, the Arctic, Alaska, Northumbria and Scotland...

I've been a 'dabbling' photographer for much of my adult life and spent many happy hours hiking, motorbiking and mountaineering in and around my home county of Westmorland, Scotland and Wales taking images as and when my careers as a soldier, mental health therapist and police officer let me - which wasn't often enough but there you go, life isn't always a box of chocolates Forrest. It's only really been the last few years when I've found myself with a little 'extra' time on my hands thanks to my good friend PTSD who came to visit in 2010 and decided to move in. Although he's not around as much as he used to be most days he's still in the shadows of which there are many. Many of my images from 2010 onwards relate to me trying to find as much peace and calm as I could get as I struggled with my psyche and the double blow of losing a career I loved and my sense of self-identity. Like all paradoxes I consider some of my best, most authentic work to have come out of the dark place I was in, and have few doubts these special locations, along with the unconditional love and support from people around me, ultimately saved me. I've recently had my photography featured on Countryfile and in a number of magazines along with several appearances on BBC radio and major newspapers including The Times and Telegraph. 2018 was also a good year for competitions with the winning July entry for the RSPB calendar, short-listings for Landscape Photographer of the Year and Wildlife Photographer of the Year along with a top 50 weather image in the world. My first book  'Wildlife Photography: Saving my life one frame at a time' was released to excellent review and I've recently completed a four part series appearing with Rankin and Chris Packham in 'The Great British Photography Challenge' on BBC 4.  I'm actively engaged in a number of other tv and documentary projects for 2022 along with finalising my 'Facing Up to Trauma' project where I hope to travel the UK photographing people who've experienced ptsd. 


I don't spend much time these days looking back on what's been, and only occasionally look ahead to see what might be on the horizon. I'm very much in the day; getting the most out of it, doing as much creative work as I can fit in, and keeping myself as mentally and physically fit as possible given my slightly worn out state. The threads that really connect me back to the fabric of my past are my images. Whether they be full of light or a little dark around the edges, capturing each one was a small victory in my battle against what was an often overwhelming war against myself or those closest to me. Each photograph is therefore my way of saying I'm not beaten yet. They are my testament to the fact that the human spirit can endure the harshest of circumstances and still come through the other side. My experiences have no doubt shaped me but I no longer accept they have to define me.


It's my deepest hope the images you find here on my site bring a modicum of peace to the troubled, some light to those in darkness and hope to anyone feeling that hope has deserted them. There's always hope, peace and light. Trust me on that one...


As always, I look forward to hearing your views on not only my photography, but how your creativity is going for you. Feel free to contact me below.









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Humpback whale, Alaska
Polar bear, Svalbard
Sparrowhawk, Scotland
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