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2019, particularly the second half, was a very successful and happy year on many levels both personally and professionally. My workshops and 1:1 sessions have gone from strength to strength, thanks in no small part to the enthusiasm and commitment of the participants who attend them. For that I'm forever grateful. What 2019 has shown me though  is there are a number of clients who are either not reading my terms and conditions, or are not looking at them thoroughly enough. This has led to people cancelling a session at very short notice, and then getting unhappy about the fact we need a discussion about retaining some or all of the workshop fee. Most, if not all of those who cancelled, were shown a great degree of flexibility regarding a refund with no one having their full fee retained despite cancelling with two or three days to go. I'm longer able to sustain this approach and have revised and strengthened my terms and conditions below. Clearly we live in different times now with Covid and we have to be far more flexible for all of our safety.

2022 will see a more robust approach to making sure my terms and conditions are both more prominent and adhered to. One month prior to a workshop commencing I require a 50% deposit from you to secure your provisional booking. This is non-refundable in all but the direst of circumstances. The remaining 50% must be received 7 days before the workshop date. Cancellations in this final fortnight will result in the full fee being retained. I reserve the right to waive or reduce this on a case by case basis.

Why do I have this policy?

There are several reasons with the main one being I will have spent money on securing hides well in advance of the workshop. This, along with booking my own accommodation - usually with no refund if cancelled - and blocking out my diary to other work, means I'm already in a financially negative space with the workshop well before it even starts. Another reason is because the person cancelling will have taken up a space another customer might have wanted and was prepared to pay for and attend. I keep my groups small to create an excellent client-tutor ratio that gives every participant plenty of time with me. A short-notice cancellation means I end up paying someone their refund back, taking a hit with the loss of a space I can't fill at the last minute, and disappointing another client who wanted to attend. I hope most right thinking people would think that's an unacceptable position for any business to be in. I'm sure we can all name a few businesses we've used with terms and conditions significantly less flexible than mine, and who never refund without a fight.

Please help me to help you have the best photography experience possible by thoroughly reading the terms and conditions below. Not only do they contain financial implications for you the client, but they also focus on health, safety, and many other aspects of our time together designed to give you a productive, happy and comfortable time.


If there is anything in the terms and conditions you don't understand feel free to contact me.

Workshop terms and conditions 2022

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