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Workshops & Tuition

Are you at a cross-roads with your photography? Are you thinking about becoming a professional photographer, or just want to take the quality of your imaging up a couple of notches? I run post production, 1:1 online sessions and face to face 1:1 or group photography tuition in some of the most scenic and bio-diverse locations around the UK. Numbers are strictly limited and places tend to go quickly. All of my workshops are designed for those of you who love their photography and want to improve their technique, learn new things and develop their style, or maybe just want to move away from the P button on your camera. It matters not. What really matters to me is to support you to become the photographer you aspire to be. Take a look at the rest of the page and if you'd like to participate in a workshop where you have an excellent chance of capturing similar moments in time then please get in touch - my contact details are at the foot of the page.

Please note: My terms and conditions form the basis of our joint contract. I've not just thrown them together to pay lip service to having some, instead I've put a lot of thought into meaningful, balanced and fair t&c's that benefit you the client and me the facilitator. 2018 saw a record number of people attending my workshops. Sadly it also saw an increase in people dropping out of workshops with only a week or so to go. My terms and conditions are very clear about refunds and cancellations. It's crucial you read and understand them to prevent any misunderstandings later should you feel you are unable to attend for whatever reason. I'm not an unreasonable man, and will always consider each request to cancel on a case by case basis. What I won't accept is someone saying they were unaware of my t&c's when links to them are plastered all around my site. If you don't understand any aspect of them please raise it with me prior to booking. 


Thank you.

Just a few of the locations and photo opportunities at previous workshops:

Brownsea Island Workshops - Dorset

Isle of Portland Workshops - Dorset

Jurassic Coast Workshops - Dorset