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Macro Photography Workshops

Macro photography, right from the start of my photography career, has fascinated me. The ability to enter and record the often hidden or ignored microcosm's around us still intrigues and excites me to this day. True macro photography tries to reproduce what we see in front of us at greater than life size and can include photographing flowers, insects, animals and inanimate objects. This workshop is designed for people at various stages of their photography journey especially anyone keen to explore and capture the extraordinary world of macro photography. 

When are the workshops?

Because of the intensive nature of this genre of photography I tend to run 1:1 or at most 3:1 workshops on a request basis. If the idea of photographing wee things and making them a lot bigger than they actually are appeals to you please contact me using the Macro button below. 1:1 is available all year and small group workshops will be convened once I have a better idea of the dates people would prefer.


The cost for this workshop is £350 for 1:1 or £250 per person up to a maximum of three in any group. The price includes five hours of tuition, travel to various locations and a 'goody bag' of nice things. 

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