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Post production tuition

We've all done it; returned home from a great day out taking images only to find we've got a) dust marks on our sensor, b) a branch coming out of the head of our perfect shot of the lesser spotted purple frog eating finch, c) a human being in our otherwise pristine wilderness... the list of things we'd like to change in our images can often be endless. The purists out there feel our image-making should be just as nature intended; post production image editing therefore isn't a valid form of photography as we're manipulating things. I strongly disagree. Photography for me has always been about creativity and vision, and how each of us sees the finished image and what we have to do to make it happen. We manipulate our images from the moment we choose a lens, settle on a depth of field, or move the angle from which we take our picture. Using Photoshop for me is no different than working in a darkroom - other than the fact I no longer get overcome with fumes from chemicals or spend hours trying to correct a colour cast. I was an early adopter of Adobe Photoshop when it first came out and I've gone on to become fairly adept at using all aspects of what is still the most powerful and creative photography software out there today. 

If, like me, you feel Photoshop can help make a good image better rather than a mediocre photograph great then my 1:1 post production workshop is for you. I offer up to six hours of theory and practice using a dedicated, colour matched screen and the latest versions of Photoshop along with Photomatix Pro for HDR if that's your thing. Our day will consist of a number of tutorials based around the areas of Photoshop you want to work most in. These will be interspersed with plenty of practical sessions where we go out and shoot to a brief that's designed to complement the theoretical side of our time together.

Example areas we might cover include noise reduction, HDR, improving contrast, using layers, cloning, recovering lost highlights, professional workflow and sharpening to name but a few. The day is completely flexible and totally geared towards your learning needs and the skillsets you want to develop.

Use the button below to get in touch with me and we'll spend as much time as you need discussing how to create the perfect post production day for you.

before and after kingfisher.jpg


The cost for this workshop is £65  per hour with a minimum three hour session - unless you want to add an hour or two to the end of a 1:1 workshop. This includes full tuition and the use of pro screens, Adobe CC 2022 and laptops back here in the studio along with any travel needed to visit a location to shoot specific example images prior to post-production starting.

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